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Wintergreen Corporation.

The Evolution of a Name & the Introduction of Industry Leader!

When Wintergreen Corporation decided to go full force into product development and wholesale distribution it needed a new brand identity that was easily recognizable and representative of the company culture.

The logo was constructed utilizing elements of the light bulbs Wintergreen Corporation develops as well as mother nature’s beauty that the new technology helps preserve.


Corporate Blue

Blue is used to represent a corporate culture and identity.

This particular blue was chosen not only for the winter cool vibes but also for it’s…


Earthy Green

The earthy green was chosen to represent the word “green” in Wintergreen and also the energy efficiency of new lighting technology.


A Leafy

The leaf shape is used to reinforce the green movement and to also illustrate the glow of the light bulbs Wintergreen Corporation specializes in.


We do
Light Bulbs

From the glow on top to the ringed bulb base in the bottom, the “g” has become a symbol and icon of what the company and it’s products represent.

Branding Projects


Folders w/ Spot Foil

Business Cards


Sales Brochures

Product Packaging

Tradeshow Signage

Other Logos I’ve Worked On

I have worked on a variety of logo projects over the years.
Some projects I’ve been the project manager and some I’ve been the designer and some I’ve been both!

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