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Creative Freelancer

Hello, I’m Jason.

Online Marketer.
Email Marketing &
Social Media Strategist.
Making Ecommerce BEAUTIFUL!

I’m a simple dude from the deep south (Atlanta, GA) who makes a living working on the internet. By day I am a veteran (getting older) online marketer/designer and a multiple ecommerce store owner by night.

I am a husband, a father of two, a soccer fanatic and of course, a web geek. I am passionate about ecommerce design and email marketing and have been since the… well, let’s just say for a long time.

Powered by caffeine… lots and lots of caffeine!

 Where You Can Find Me

Have a look around but if you need more information about me, the work I do or some of my projects… look no further, here are my latest projects!
Uptown Snazzy

Clothing & T-Shirt Design Company

A clothing, mostly t-shirt, company by a born and raised Atlanta native designer. Uptown Snazzy designs are created to promote strength, positivity and of course, good vibes from the ATL to LV!

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Spicy Red Chili

Restaurant Websites & Marketing

Providing awesome & affordable web design to restaurants of all sizes. We love the little guys, the newbies, the novices, the up-and-comers, the mom and pops, the haves and the have nots. We believe beautiful websites can be affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Speech Abilities

Therapy Apps for Nonverbal Communication

Founded to provide AFFORDABLE language therapy services for varied cases such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Intellectually Disabled, Childhood Apraxia, Fluency Disorder, Stroke, Dementia, etc.

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Be Awesome.

“Being great at what you do doesn’t come from a policy manual, procedure or training, but from who you are… There is ROI in being awesome!“

~ Scott Stratten

If you are a small business and you are interested in finding out how I can help you reach your customers more efficiently, go to my Discovery Page and let me know more about you.

If you have questions you can get in touch with me or check out more information on my services below.

Case Studies

Just a little bit of what I do… and it is oooh so good!

Branding Design

A logo is so much more than what you intend it to be. Your past, present, and potential customers don’t remember you, they remember their engagement with you and your logo represents that. Better make it look good!

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Retention Marketing

You’ve heard it before and I’m here to say it again… it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to aquire new ones! Here is a case study of using direct mail with email marketing to do just that.

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Product Repurposing

Repurposing is the use of a tool being re-channeled into being another tool, usually for a purpose unintended by the original tool-maker. In this case it is the story of a product being used during a different time of year.

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WordPress Portfolio

Campbell Family Medicine

Forsyth Adult Soccer League

Revolution Practice

Wolf's Indoor Soccer

Reykii Kitchen Cutlery

Uptown Snazzy Clothing

Speech Abilities Apps

Getaway in Vegas

Kellen Company

Exchange-O-Gram 🙂

I enjoy taking photos and posting them “on-the-line!” Come on, what movie is that from?

I take hundreds… scratch that, thousands but only the best make it to the gram. Check out my Instagram where I am working the grid with photos, carousels and even a little animation and Photoshop work!