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Loyalty & Retention Marketing

Repeat Customers.

Customers: It’s Cheaper to Keep ‘Em!

Yes, you have to consistently bring in new customers but there are so many benefits to making your customers repeat customers. It cost less than acquiring new customers,  it helps with your reputation and did you know it can even help your search engine optimization efforts?

At Christmas Lights, Etc the goal was to bring customers back to the website during the off season to increase sales outside of Christmas time. A Christmas in July sale was created (not unusual) and a special mailer was mailed (yes, from the post office) to a special group of customers with a special offer just for them.

Check out the results!

Loyalty & Retention Marketing


% of List Placed an Order.

$ Directly from Mailer.

$ From Email Follow Up.

Increase in Brand Searches in Google & Bing

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