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Email Marketing

High-performance campaigns to help you reach your customers & increase sales!

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Email Conversion Rates are 40X Greater than Facebook & Twitter!

Email Marketing Design by Jason Abney
Email Marketing
Think Email is Dead? Think Again!

The ROI of Email Marketing is 4,300%

Through careful planning and strategic execution, your email marketing programs should be the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention.

Email Marketing Design by Jason Abney
HTML Email Designs


Marketers consistently ranked email as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention.

Design, Strategy & Implementation
I design email templates to match & enhance your brand identity. I develop email campaign strategy to increase open rates, click through rates and to increase overall traffic. And because results matter, I set you up to succeed and continue to connect your brand with your customers.
  • Create mobile-friendly, responsive email design templates to match your company brand identity.
  • Test all email designs in 50+ email clients using Litmus tools so your email looks great in the apps and devices your customers use.
  • Sending one-time, recurring, triggered, and dynamic content-driven campaigns on your behalf so you can focus on your business.
  • List building ideas to get your customers willingly receiving your emails.
  • List maintenance to make sure your unsubscribed and bounced contacts are maintained properly while keeping your list strong to improve open and click rates and spam scores low.
  • Create list segmentation based on factors such as important dates, special interest and other demographics.
  • Set up and maintain automated programs so you reach your customers at the perfect time without having to manually send your campaigns on a daily basis.
  • A/B Test subject lines, send times/days, text/graphic links & frequency to better reach your customers.
  • Analyze and summarize campaign performance with reports to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies.

Totally Obsessed With Email

I am and have been totally obsessed with email marketing for 15+ years. Whether you need an overall strategy, custom branded design or full email management, I have the experience and expertise to get you results!

Based just outside of Atlanta, GA and powered by lots and lots of caffeine, I offer the following services. Or you can go to my story to find out more about me.

Custom Email Design.
Create mobile-friendly, responsive email design templates, customized with HTML/CSS, to match the company brand identity.

Email Campaign Strategy.
I’ll make sure you are set up to get the most out of your email campaigns and reach your customers with relevant content at just the right time.

Rock Solid Implementation.
I’m here to free you up to do what you do best! You’ll get flawlessly coded emails ready for mobile and none of the worry managing your email campaign.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Consultant
Emma Email Marketing Consultant
MailChimp Email Marketing Consultant
Silverpop Email Marketing Consultant
Case Study
Christmas Lights, Etc

America’s Most Shopped Online Christmas Store!

In late 2010 I was asked to take over the email marketing program. At the time I was told, “we are not sure email marketing is worth the time!” In 2015 the email marketing program sent over 18 million emails and generated over $1,500,000 in revenue giving it one of the highest ROI of any marketing program.

A healthy list of 160k 170k strong and growing!
54% of our emails are opened on mobile devices first!


Saturday & Wednesdays… Yeah, not so much. Test your customers!


Personalization works! Send customers information they want to receive.


Catch your customers at just the right time… automatically!
You have to send them, make the most of them!
Email Marketing Case Study - Christmas Lights, Etc
Because Results Matter!

"We have the best looking emails in the industry. Period. I'll put Jason's work up against anybody..."

Jason Abney is Awesome!
Frank S. – Wintergreen Corporation

“Jason focuses on solving the problem at hand. He always develops a solution that addresses the concerns. This was seen in the dramatic increase in email revenue and the success of the A/B testing campaigns.”

Jason Abney Email Marketing is Awesome!
Dustin L. – Christmas Lights, Etc

Ready to Create Emails
They Simply Can’t Ignore?

Use the links below to take a closer look at the details behind my design, code and testing.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Design Portfolio on Pinterest
Portfolio on Pinterest

From beautiful images, eye-catching design with care for typography, border breaking, field of depth and call-to-action that makes you take action… my designs.

Design Portfolio on Pinterest

Code Samples on GitHub
Code Samples on GitHub

Yes, they are table driven designs… it’s email! Find out what my code looks like and follow from desktop to mobile! How do my columns stack? How do my images scale? Perfectly!

Code samples on GitHub

Litmus Instant Previews
Litmus Instant Previews

I can tell you my emails are mobile friendly… or I can prove it! From multi-screen testing, to device tracking, spam reports and audience discovery, I’m checking it all!

Design 1 | Design 2